Wonders Of The European: Real Beauty, Explore It At Its Best


What is that makes Europe one of the wonders of the world? The answer is quite simple, as it boasts of some great architectural sites as well as places, which are soothing both to the eyes as well as mind. Europe is a continent where nature is always at its best and the nicely carved out man made structures makes it a paradise worth visiting. Wonders of the European are just a fragment of what this beautiful continent is capable of.

Among all the wonders present in Europe, the Eiffel tower in Paris is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. This iron tower built on the sides of Seine River is the most well recognized structures in the world. It was the tallest structure in the world when built. Such is the might of this structure that cast a magical spell and one can hardly distract the eyes from it. There is also the famous Paris museum where one can get insight in to the past history of civilization.

There is also the world famous roman Colosseum in the city of Rome in Italy. The structure is vast and is a monument to reckon with. There is also Vatican City, dotted with numerous churches and chapels such as St. Peters Basilica, Sistine church namely. In fact, these churches are the ware house s of great renaissance art.

Greece with its capital Athens also has some magnificent buildings such as the acropolis temple, which dates back to 5th century BC. Moreover, one can also visit the Parthenon temple dedicated to goddess Athena. There are also other places worth to visit such as the Lochness Lake in Scotland along with its castles, the canals in Venice, the mount Vesuvius volcano and so on.

Each of the countries present in Europe has something to offer to each of its visitors. The rich tradition and cultural heritage makes it livelier and turns out to be a unique experience.


Wonders of the European are certainly the examples of a great civilization. The great continent has some of the best man made structures as well as natural beauty present side by side. Certainly  the beauty is such that it should not be missed at any cost.

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